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I've re-designed and am offering my 'Monku Monku Monku'  (roughly translated as 'Gripe Gripe Gripe') items.  The caps are offered in Neon Red Nylon (NOT a trucker style), and similar colors to the 'Bakatare' caps below (both one-size fits most, with adjustable plastic back), at $15.00 each (applicable sales tax will be applied).
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And, now - 'Bakatare' caps!  In neon red, black with khaki trim, khaki with black trim, and black with teal trim.  These caps are ready for purchase, at $15.00 each, appropiate sales tax will be added.
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2018 Bakatare cap-neon red
2018 Bakatare cap-blk w/ khaki
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2018 Bakatare cap-khaki w/ black
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2018 Bakatare cap-black w/ teal
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