A crafter forever, off and on again entrepreneur - and a corporate dropout (or is that a corporate survivor?).

Betty Inouye, owner and sole employee of BG's Japanese Designs, has been a crafter all her life, and became a custom machine embroiderer in the early 1990's, while planning her life post-corporate America.  She has since become an award winning embroiderer, and continues to expand her skills in the decorating and embellishment of clothing and home goods.  Often, in conjunction with her embroidery, Betty draws upon her sewing and quilting background, to create her 'perfect projects'.

Betty also continues to make a number of Japanese-based arts and crafts, focusing mostly on paper based items using Japanese washi.  Occasionally missing being in a classroom (she is a former school teacher), Betty has also shared her origami (paper folding) and kirigami (paper cutting) skills in many schools, as well as programs offered through the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities.and Humanities.

​Through the years, Betty, like many handcrafters, dabbles in other arts.  There will be a number of different things offered for sale, that reflect those various interests.

Betty has created this website to share her creations and offer a number of these items for sale.  Check back often, as her offerings will change with availability!
Committed to helping my customers achieve their dreams